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Welcome to InnQuirer
                              CAMRA Furness Branch Magazine
                             InnQuirer Issue 68 - Autumn 2018

       InnQuirer is produced entirely in-house by Furness CAMRA volunteers with final printing done by HSPMilners
       Who to contact in the Branch        What you can find in this issue
      Chairman/Branch Contact Press     PAGE
      Officer and Public Affairs
      Dave Stubbins 07807 836591        4 Chairman's Report
      Deputy Chairman/Beer Festival
      Organiser                            6 GBBF Judging and drinking beer
      Steve Lewis 01229 581000  8 & 10 Ulverston Beer Festival Behind the Scenes
      Dave Latham 01229 467238         12 & 14 How beer can be affected by how it is served
      Social Secretary                     16 Awards and Presentations
      Dave Wilson 07968 956089  18 National Beer Scoring System
      Duncan Warren 07741 410614  19 & 20 & 22 Working at the Beer Festival Stories
      Membership Secretary            24 & 26 In an Ideal World - Story
      Malc Armstrong 07896 589159  28 CAMRA Discounts
      GBG Co-ordinator
      Ken Parr                            30 LocAles pubs
      Pubs Officer/WhatPub Entries        32 Pub and Brewery Craic plus Diary
      Ann Summers-Glass        34 Crossword No. 26
      InnQuirer Editor
      Jack Summers-Glass                  37 Advertising rates and advertising deadlines
      01229 462076

      The Editor's View
      Another Ulverston Beer Festival passes and once again it was great one. It was worth the week's
      hard work (it takes over three days to physically set it all up) to see so many people sampling the
      beers in third pints. That is a great way to enjoy a beer festival as it allows you to find out which
      types of beer are your favourites and should help you choose in future when you visit one of our
      great real ale pubs in Furness, or elsewhere. It was fun wrestling with the flash coolers serving the
      eight KeyKegs that we had available. These beers were a refreshing addition to the usual cask
      beers and meant we could offer types of beer that would not normally be available in cask.
      If you are a CAMRA member then don't forget that you can vote for your favourite beers from
      your region to be included in the next Champion Beer Of Britain.
      The link is and you have until 1st November this
      year to make your voice heard.
      Since this is the last issue before Christmas, I should wish you all a Merry Christmas but since I am
      writing this in mid-September, it seems a bit early but then if the stores can start their Christmas
      displays around now then I might as well get in on the act! Soon be Easter........
      Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in articles in this magazine are not necessarily the same as those of
      Furness CAMRA or CAMRA in general.

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