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The Workers Trip
         by Terry Ridal - Branch Member               InnQuirer Issue 69 - Winter 2018/9
                                                      InnQuirer Issue 69 - Winter 2018/9

         A very pleasant coach ride took us, a group of  Adnams Broadside 4.7% - Dark ruby red beer, full of
         volunteers from a recent beer fes�val, to Windermere  fruit cake flavours.
         – the town – not the lake where we started our  Marston’s- Poppy 3.6% - A seasonal beer brewed to
         adventure by visi�ng the “The Cra�y Baa” which is a  support the Royal Bri�sh Legion. A blonde, crisp, citrusy
         rela�vely new place only opening in August 2016,  ale.
         taking 7 months to create and not surprisingly winning
                           several awards in that short  Back aboard the wai�ng bus for the shor�sh journey to
                           �me. It is an experience in  the main event - The Black and Amber Beer Fes�val at
                           itself before a drop of beer  the Kendal Rugby Union Football Club. A new building
                           passed the lips. Loud, lively  appointed to a very high but user friendly standard
                           atmosphere, crowded, a  complete with all the facili�es required for a modern
                           triumph of shabby chic, no  rugby club and gym.
                           two chairs or tables alike,  The Beer Fes�val on Saturday 10 November 2018 had a
                           no hand pumps in evidence  nostalgic reveren�al air to it as it was organised as a
                           but the three cra� beers on  fundraiser for the Royal Bri�sh Legion and St Dunstan’s
                           offer from the pressure tap  and was a salute to the Remembrance ceremonies
                           were surprising in many  commemora�ng two World Wars. The KRUFC and
                           ways.               Handsome Brewery should be proud and the sen�ment
                           First was a Milk Stout 4.7%.  applauded.
         I have never seen a milk stout on tap before. It was  The fes�val was on the first
         delicious and full of flavour with chocolate very much  floor and the entrance fee,
         to the fore.                          tokens and glasses were
         A Lager 7.6% from the same array had astonishing  purchased at the top of the
         flavour and was extremely easy to drink.  stairs. We were given a
                                               beer list that was
         The Pale Ale 6% completed the trio. This was a true eye  impressive with tas�ng
         opener- full of flavour, well hopped but with a generous  notes that were
         touch of malt to balance the beer which le� a hint of  surprisingly accurate.
         citrus in the a�ertaste, deligh�ul.
                                               There were 4 bars all
         The beers were served American/ Mediterranean style  themed differently.
         i.e. teeth cha�ering cold, in schooners (two-thirds of a  The main bar The Trenches
         pint) and cra� beer prices.
                                               Bar is a whopping great lounge with comfortable sofas
         Another surprise was a no�ce board covering one wall  and chairs with the largest TV I have ever seen. There
         with a list of around 94 bo�les and canned beers, all in  were hand pumps dispensing both beer and cider in
         self-service fridges. You chose your beer, which was  here – see list.
         numbered, found that number in the fridge and took  One of the beers had been brewed especially for the
         the bo�le/can to the bar to be poured and paid for. To  fes�val by Handsome Brewery “Private 3.9% - 100 th
         sum up The Cra�y Baa is an almost unique drinking  anniversary bi�er with a slight red colour for poppies. A
         experience with a new way concept and a definite  deligh�ul , easy drinking, well balanced beer.
         Riviera touch.
                                                                 Harvest Moon 3.9%,
         A few souls who couldn’t make it to the bar in here     another from Handsome
         went around the corner to a far less hec�c hostelry -   Brewery soon sold out. It
         The Elleray- with comfortable, friendly surroundings,   was made with fresh hops
         welcoming staff and Lake District prices – again. They  that had been grown near
         have kept that tradi�onal pub feel but with a modern    to The Factory Tap in Kendal
         twist complete with sea�ng in front of a real fire. There
         were 4 hand pumps,                                      The Western Front Bar – at
                                                                 one end of the veranda –
          Wychwood - Hobgoblin Gold 4.2% - A fragrant beer       serving more tradi�onal
         with citrus hop punch.
                                                                 beer some of which we
         Wychwood - Hobgoblin Legendary Ruby Beer 4.5% - A       managed to drink but too
         delicious chocolate, toffee, malt flavour balanced with  many to name here – see
         moderate bi�erness and fruity character.                list
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