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Hold My Beer…… The fight to save pubs
       by Ann Summers-Glass - Pubs Officer
                                                    InnQuirer Issue 70 - Spring 2019
                                                    InnQuirer Issue 70 - Spring 2019
       Some of you will have noticed a rash of  check that Old Dave is OK because you
       estate agent and auction house boards  hadn’t seen him for a few days –
       appearing across Furness attached to a  highlight how it’s a community. And
       number of our pubs and hotels. In some  there’s a way to get your retaliation in
       cases, you may only have heard        first!
       rumours of an impending
       sale or of a tenant                   Did you know that pubs, along with
       leaving. And in                       other places like village halls,
       a couple                              community centres and so forth, can be
       of                                    made Assets of Community Value? If a
                                             pub is already an ACV then that adds
                                              weight to any objection to Change of
                                              Use as there is already evidence that
                                               the community wants the pub to
                                                remain a pub. So how do you go
                                                about getting your local classified as
                                                 an ACV?
                                                  A useful place to start is CAMRA’s
                                                  website (you don’t have to be a
                                             member to see this) -
                               doors have
                          just suddenly
                    closed without warning.
       There can be all sorts of reasons why
       this happens, and in many cases a sale
       or tenancy change doesn’t mean the
       permanent loss of your favourite pub.
       However, it can mean that a pub does
       close and gets converted to other
       purposes even when the customers
       don’t want to see it disappear.

       So, what can YOU do to save your
       local? Well, for a start, the law is
       on your side. These days, pubs
       cannot be demolished or
       converted into something else
       (housing, supermarkets and
       even restaurants) without
       planning permission.
       Obviously, if somebody
       applies for planning
       permission, you can write to
       the Planning Authority to
       object. You need to give good
       reasons. “But I like their beer” won’t be
       enough! Explain about how it’s a place
       to meet friends, perhaps play darts,
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