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We’re still here! The Red Lion Lowick Bridge

                              Interviewed by The Editor

       In the last issue, Pub Craic                    single being built from the
       reported that the Red Lion,                     adjacent barn (probably
       Lowick Bridge, was for sale.                    ready later summer). Before
       WRONG! Our source has                           Steve and Lucy took over, the
       been banished to the                            rooms were unused but now
       naughty corner – they                           are very popular.
       meant the Farmers at
       Lowick Green. In view of                        I asked Steve what was the
       this, I thought that I would                    secret to making the pub
       pop down to The Red Lion                        viable, given that it is based
       and have a chat to find out                     in the countryside, albeit on
                                                       the road to Coniston.
       the secret of their success.
                                                       “Keeping the costs down,
       Steve and Lucy took over                        that’s how we make it work.
       the pub nine years ago when it was a  We do food, as well as the
       Robinson’s house but then bought the  accommoda�on and the bar but we do
       pub five years ago from Robinsons and  it all ourselves. It just isn’t viable to
       that turned the pub around, being able  employ staff. We open seven days a
       to source beers on the open market and  week but we don’t open during the
       choose what to put on the hand pumps.  week at lunch�mes, which is our �me
       Currently they have three pumps with  off but even then, there are things we
       changing beers but Bank Top Flat Cap is  have to do.”
       pre�y near a permanent as it is so
       popular with the customers. As Steve  They do enjoy running the pub, which
                                             shows in the friendly atmosphere there.
       says “I’m from Bolton and I had never
       heard of it before! Corby Blonde is   As Lucy says “A lot of people see you
                                             pulling a pint behind the bar and think
       another regular. We try to put on what
       the locals want and try to alternate in  ‘that’s it – I’d like to do that’ but they
       the summer”.                          don’t see all the other work that
                                             happens to make the pub func�on”.
       “When we bought the pub, buying the
       beer from Robinsons as a customer was  When they originally came to the pub,
                                             Robinsons had planned to close it.
       so much cheaper than when we were a
       tenant. We were amazed and it made a  Steve’s secret to making it popular was
                                             not to take sides in any disputes and
       huge difference in costs.”
                                             welcome all to the pub. “Friday nights
       The pub currently has three le�ng     here are fantas�c. All the locals are in,
       rooms (en-suite) plus one new large
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