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We’re still here! The Red Lion Lowick Bridge

                              Interviewed by The Editor

       continued from page 6
                                             “Part of the secret of success is keeping
       they don’t all come in during the week  up standards. We get high ra�ngs on
       but almost everyone is here on Fridays”.  Trip Advisor and that even helps with
                                             insurance premiums. We feel it is
       Again “I actually came here by default.
                                             important to address issues if and when
       This pub came on the market and       they arise rather than wait for bad
       friends of mine asked me to call in and  reviews. We believe in standards and
       give them some advice. As soon as I   don’t like to keep anyone wai�ng.
       walked through the door, I thought it  Having the bar where it is helps. We
       seemed right. There was a big telly on  have an open mike night (2 Thursday
       the bar with a turtle shell on top of it  of the month) and that has been
       and the carpet was shot but it felt good
       and the people were friendly. As it
       happened, they didn’t like it but I   The Red Lion is certainly one of
       thought I’d try for myself. I have never  Furness’s pub gems. Now what we need
       had to raise my voice in the pub since I  is a good, regular bus service! Mind you,
       have been here – that’s how friendly it  there is always the bicycle or even a taxi.
       is”.                                  Or you could walk if you fancy a
       “Everyone gets on here, we have a real
       eclec�c mix from the very wealthy to  Thanks to Steve and Lucy for finding
       the rest of us but they all get on; no airs  �me to chat to us and long may they
       and graces. Loca�on is our one problem. con�nue to run this excellent pub.
       We have hardly any car parking space
       and it is a bit remote for locals. The
       ‘Keswick to Barrow Walk’ comes past
       our door and quite a few end up having
       a pint here and then giving up!”

       “One of the locals organises close-by
       camping so the pub gets a lot of visitors
       from there. They meet in the pub before
       being taken off to their campsite so then
       they know there is a pub here and
       return during their stay for a meal or a
       drink. The young farmers come in but
       these days the older farmers don’t tend
       to drink out now.”

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