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Chairman’s Report

                                 Dave Stubbins - Furness Branch Chairman

         This period in our calendar year is dominated  festival in a key keg beer called Wander
         by the Ulverston Beer and Cider Festival.  Beyond Leap Imperial Stout, a cask beer
         This year was our 31st festival, taking place  from Tarn Hows brewery called Blueberry
         during the first week in September,   and Vanilla Oatmeal Stout, whilst our cider
         organised again by Dave Wilson. We are  of the festival was Ampleforth Abbey.
         constantly looking at ways to improve our
         offering to our attendees and for the second
         year we added a range of key keg beers to  We are already starting to make plans for
         the range of cask beers on offer.     next year’s festival and by the time you read
                                               this we will already have had our wash-up
                                               meeting where we debate in detail all the
         We had just under 1,700 visitors to this year’s  issues we faced and start our planning.
         festival, slightly down on last year’s 1,750.
         However, almost all the available beer and
         cider was consumed. Many of our visitors  Elsewhere in the branch we have continued
         were from outside Cumbria and it became  to hold our monthly meetings which are very
         apparent that several had made the journey  well attended and we are continuing our
         to our area specifically to attend the Festival  policy of holding them in as many of our
         as we have acquired a reputation of being a  pubs as can realistically offer us meeting
         well run and friendly festival and I receive  facilities. If you would like to host a meeting
         many favourable comments on this and our  please get in touch and we will discuss
         choice of beers.                      arrangements with you. The only thing we
                                               ask is that, as it is a meeting, we need to be
                                               able to ensure that there is an area without
         Thanks to the efforts of Caroline Schwaller  musical or other interference so we can
         of Westmorland branch, who came to help  conduct our business effectively.
         us with the recruitment of new members,
         sixteen new members joined CAMRA. We are
         very grateful to Caroline for her efforts and  If you are a CAMRA member, please be aware
         hope as always that they will come to branch  that you can register a vote for your favourite
         meetings and enjoy the benefits and social  beer(s) in CAMRA’s annual Champion Beer
         benefits of what we do.               of Britain. Voting is open until 1st November.
                                               Simply log on to:
         We used CAMRA’s beer scoring system to
         determine our Beer and Cider of the   then press “Vote Here”, enter your
         Festival. As well as putting the festival on  membership number and password and
         What Pub, we had scoring sheets available in  you’re ready to go. Please get in touch if you
         the hall. I’m delighted to report that we had  need a further explanation.
         over 900 scores by the end of the festival,  Dave Stubbins
         and we had clear winners for beer of the


         In case you hadn’t noticed, CAMRA has had a bit of a makeover for LocAle, which promotes
         locally sourced beers. You may have seen in your local, beers with a LocAle sticker on the
         pump clip. You can find a list of the pubs in our area that have a local beer on sale in this
         magazine on page 24.

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