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Away from the Main Bar (at the Ulverston Beer Festival)

                                              The two satellite bars

            From behind the Cider Bar by Terry Ridal - Branch Member

         The cider bar operated smoothly again  Celtic Marches – Slack Alice
         without many problems. It was noted   Thistly Cross – Whisky Cask
         that many customers were getting quite  Black Rat – Perry
         discerning and were trying a third of a  Celtic Marches – Cracklin Rose Perry
         pint but trying a good few more ciders  Snails Bank – Very Perry
         as of late, which can only be a good trait
                                               There was a pretty even spread to the
         As usual the speciality and fruit     consumption throughout the 22 ciders
         enhanced ciders were very popular and  we offered. The Cider of the Festival
         not only with the younger and female  was Ampleforth – Abbey 6.5%. A
         clientele (who we know in previous    beautifully balanced well rounded cider
         Festivals were the keenest). Many     with over 40 varieties of apple used in
         established cider drinkers were happy to  the pressing. It was popular with all
         sample the different ciders on offer.
                                               tiers of cider drinkers.
                                               Our trainee Victoria was a great asset
         The first 10 to sell out were:-       and a very valued member of staff. She
         Duddas Tun - Apricot                  soaked up a lot of cider info in a short
         Harry’s – Prince Harry Ginger         time so my thanks to Vicky and also to
         Pulp – Rhubarb                        Louise for her stalwart help.
         Cockeyed Cider – Mad Jack             Our shot glass sized tasting glasses
         Harry’s – Dirty Harry Raspberry and   worked well again and were popular
         Blackcurrant                          with clients.
      From behind the KeyKeg Bar by Jack Summers-Glass - Branch Member
         This year saw a new innovation - the  Festival, voted for by the visitors. Since
         separate bar for KeyKegs. We thought  this was a 9.5% abv stout, it was a bit of
         that it was a little crowded at the end of  a surprise. It was, mind you, an
         the main bar last year so we took a   extremely good beer.
         gamble and built a new bar to go      Most of the KeyKeg beers had sold out
         alongside the cider bar at the other end  by the end of the festival which does
         of the hall.
                                               prove, to my mind, that having beers
         There was no doubt that this approach  other than cask widens the appeal of the
         was successful as, apart from the first  Festival.
         hour on each day when the traditional  Behind the bar, I saw a lot of younger
         drinkers concentrated on the main cask  visitors and I am sure that having the
         bar, the KeyKeg bar had a steady flow  choice on the bar persuaded some to
         of visitors. Of course, opinions varied  come and try a wider variety of beers,
         quite a bit but most had their favourites  not that many restricted themselves to
         and ones that they didn’t like at all.
                                               KeyKeg - most went up to the cask bar
         Like last year, we had eight KeyKegs  and tried the beers there too.
         available with a range of beers from a  On top of that, we had a keg Pilsner
         sour (Track Lipari) to an Imperial Stout  from Ulverston Brewing Co,
         (Wander Beyond Leap) in a range of    (Ulversteiner) and that proved popular
         strengths to suit most tastes. Amazingly  amongst a small but dedicated group of
         enough, Leap became the Beer of the

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