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Chairman’s Report

                               Dave Stubbins - Furness Branch Chairman

       I’m writing this report just before   with other brewers. Under a swapping
       Christmas and am looking back at a    arrangement, casks that would
       successful 2019 for the branch with an  otherwise be returned empty to the
       excellent beer festival and great     owning brewer are filled with beer from
       participation from our active branch  the brewer with whom the arrangement
       members. In particular I would like to  has been made. This increases choice in
       thank those who took part in voting for  our own area, as well as being
       the Champion Beer of Britain. It really  environmentally friendly.
       does help our local brewers get
       recognition for the excellent beers they  Looking forward to 2020, I hope that as
       produce.                              many of you as feel able will support
                                             your local pub, especially in the post
       We have continued to hold our monthly  Christmas period when many of them
       meetings which are very well attended  will be feeling the pinch.
       and we are continuing our policy of
       holding them in as many of our pubs as  Finally, a word to every pub landlord.
       can realistically offer us meeting    CAMRA maintains a web site called
       facilities. If you would like to host a  “What Pub” ( in
       meeting please get in touch and we will  which details of your own pub are listed.
       discuss arrangements with you. The only  Whilst we endeavour to keep this
       thing we ask is that, as it is a meeting,  information up to date, it isn’t practical
       we need to be able to ensure that there  to visit all of the several hundred
       is an area without musical or other   establishments in our branch area, so
       interference so we can conduct our    please check your own entry and let us
       business effectively.                 know anything incorrect or misleading
                                             (or indeed if we’re missing something
       It's good to see that many publicans are  you want to say about your pub).
       continuing to invest in their pubs and it
       was particularly pleasing to see the  I wish you all the best for 2020.
       reopening of the Farmers in Baycliff  Dave Stubbins
       following its extensive refurbishment,
       and the opening of a magnificent        This was recently issued by Dave as a
       function room at the Sun Inn in         release on Facebook and Twitter:
       Ulverston.                              "In my capacity as CAMRA's Brewery
                                               Liaison Officer for Hawkshead Brewery
       I was also pleased to see the expanded  I met with the team at the new brewery
       brewing facility of Hawkshead Brewery   in Flookburgh. I was delighted to hear
       in Flookburgh, with more to come, and   of the company's plans to develop the
       was heartened to hear that brewing will  capacity at Flookburgh and equally
                                               delighted to hear that brewing
       continue to be done at Staveley and     operations at Staveley are to be
       that their Beer Hall will continue to be a  maintained and that the Beer Hall will
       flagship for the brewery. I also heard  continue to be the flagship for
       about the success that Stringers Beers  Hawkshead beers.
       are having in getting their beers       As a fan of red ales I'm looking forward
       established in other parts of the country  to trying the Winter Red Ale which will
       through beer swapping arrangements      replace Jingle Fells this year"

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