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The Old Friends, Soutergate, Ulverston

                              by Terry Ridal - Branch Member
       continued from page 6
       onsite brewery which currently
       can just about keep up with
       demand. Graham also has one
       or two other recipes up his
       sleeve to try when time
       permits. So we look forward to

       The Old Friends is a
       charismatic, atmospheric,
       friendly, traditional pub with
       an agreeable modern slant.
       The modern and traditional sit
       in harmonious juxtaposition.
       Although the sports TV is in
       pole position at one end of the
       larger room it does not
       obtrude into the bar snug
       where a real fire adds to the
       cosy atmosphere.
       The Old Friends combines the
       quiet local pub and the lively
       clientele with consummate
       ease. The rear beer garden
       with its covered heated seating is the  6 hand pumps are kept busy on the bar
       perfect venue for occasional live music  and at least 2 of them discharge
       gigs which pop up from time to time.
                                             excellent beer brewed on site. Old Pals
                                             Porter, New Acquaintance and Best
                                             Friends are regulars with 2 or 3 guest
                                             beers. These, together with a good
                                             selection of ciders, perry and a line-up
                                             of spirits keep the most critical
                                             connoisseurs happy and makes for a
                                             happy hostelry.

                                             This success story was only possible by
                                             Graham and Andrea having a clear idea
                                             of their goal and working hard to
                                             achieve what they wanted. Staunch
                                             support from the staff Gail, Bart (the co-
                                             brewer) and Simon help to achieve what
                                             the Old Friends has become today.
                                             Congratulations to Graham and

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