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Welcome to                                      Issue 74

                                     Furness CAMRA Branch Magazine

           InnQuirer is produced entirely in-house by Furness CAMRA volunteers with final printing done by HSPMilners
        Who to contact in the Branch        What you can find in this issue
       Chairman/Branch Contact Press Officer and
       Public Affairs                         4      Disaster Recovery - Advice
       Dave Stubbins 07807 836591          6      Chairman’s Report
       Deputy Chairman
       Janet Ridal                            8      Ulverston Beer Festival - some          history and future plans
       Secretary                              10     CAMRA ‘Pulling Together’
       Dave Latham 01229 467238                      Campaign
                                              12     Deliveries during the crisis
       Social Secretary/Beer Festival Organiser
       Dave Wilson                          13 & 14  A Visit to Timothy Taylor’s
                                              16     CAMRA Volunteers and why we
       Andy Donnan 07592 947733                      do it
                                              18     Cider of the (Ulverston Beer)
       Membership Secretary                          Festival 2019 - Presentation
       Ann Summers-Glass  Centre Pages Branch Award Presentations
       GBG Co-ordinator
       Ken Parr                               22     LocAle
                                            24 & 26  A Vision for 2020
       Pubs Officer
       Ann Summers-Glass      28     National Beer Scoring - Whatpub
       InnQuirer Layout and Editor          31 & 32  The CAMRA National Pub of the
       Jack Summers-Glass 01229 462076               Year 2019
                                              34     The Crossword No 32
       Other useful contacts:
                                              35     Branch Diary ( clue - no events
       Citizens Advice                               listed!)
       03454 040506                 36     CAMRA discounts (before the
       Trading Standards
       01539 713594 (fax 01539 713580)        37     Ad. Rates, Transport and
       email:       Crossword answers
       A word from the Editor
       A small change this issue - since the issues tend to be available straddling the seasons, the
       issue name now says ‘Spring/Early Summer 2020’ and from now on each issue will be like
       this as it better describes the season when the magazine will be available. This issue is
       online only following the Covid-19 crisis.
       Copyright: Copyright for all content belongs to the owner/provider of the item. All content in this magazine that is subject
       to copyright is included with the permission of the item owner or is in the public domain and/or not subject to copyright.
       Permission to use any item herein may be sought from the Editor but this does not imply an automatic grant.
       Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in articles in this magazine are not necessarily the same as those of Furness
       CAMRA or CAMRA in General

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