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Disaster recovery and other options

                                           CAMRA supports you!

         As you are all aware, all pubs clubs etc are closed for the foreseeable
         future. However, some pubs are now offering a mail-order or delivery
         service and quite a few breweries are supplying by mail order. If you
         can, please avail yourself of these as you will be their lifeline until this
         crisis ends. We don’t have a definitive list as things are changing all
         the time so check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds where we will
         try and keep you all informed when we know ourselves.
         Adverts in this issue
         With the current situation, opening times shown on adverts are based
         on what the pub thought they could manage at the time the advert
         was created. We currently do not know when any of these pubs will
         re-open or what will happen to events that are scheduled for the
         future. You should check with either the pub’s or our social media
         feeds to get the latest information.

                                      How does it work?
         Let’s all Pay it Forward for the
         future of British pubs and   It’s simple! Small business, who may be
         breweries                    worried about their future due to
                                      COVID-19, can set-up a Pay it Forward
                                      campaign offering customers the
         CAMRA will also be working   option to book meals, a room for the
         with Crowdfunder to promote  night or a ticket to an event now,
         opportunities for the brewing  based on a promise to deliver in the
         and pubs industry to tap into  future.
         local funding during the period
         of crisis to tide them over. The
         idea is simple, breweries and                 The next issue of the
         pubs that will be suffering from              CAMRA Good Beer Guide
         closure and drastically reduced               should appear in the
         trade about their future can set-             Autumn but in the
         up a Pay it Forward campaign                  meantime, why not get
         offering customers the option                 yourself a copy from
         to pay for pints, meals and                   CAMRA? Alternatively, why
         tickets now, which can be                     not get the mobile app. for
         redeemed in the future.                       your iPhone or Android.
                                                       That way, you will always
                                                       have it to hand when
                                                       looking for a pub near you
               Stay in touch
                                       and as a bonus, you can score the beer quality       directly from it.

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