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6.     25/08/2009

              Some fizz, not a lot.
              Head: Covered.

              High aroma – gentle toffee.
              Mouthfeel: Not as thick (as previous).

              Good profile.

              “Like this one”
              Yeast: Brings out everything.

       7.     18/05/2010
              Tiny head in the bottle.

              Lumpy sediment.
              Head: ½ cm.

              “Ah blimey…”

              More complex aroma.
              Taste: Barest hint of orange (initially).

              Long lasting.
              Changes right over the tongue.

              Lot on the roof of the mouth.
              Treacle / Molasses. Hints of sweet coconut.

              Dark orange flavours, but disappears quickly.
              Peppery (alcohol)
              Yeast: Enhanced slightly, prefer without.

       8.     18/01/2011

              Some liveliness, not much.
              Lumpy sediment.

              Head: Gone.
              From this point backwards in date is where the smell got interesting.

              Note: over sell by date. Generally seem to improve beyond sell by date.
              Gentle chocolate flavour, more gentle sugary aroma. Honey aromas.
              Initial smell quite different to the previous beers.
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