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Generally, we agreed that our personal favourites were:

             2004 (Good, but not the best.)

             2006 (Lovely ‘zing’ on the front of the tongue, and the way the flavours built up in the mouth.)

             2009 (‘Orgasmic’, excellent aromas, too.) Lynda’s favourite.

             2010 (‘Got the lot’ for Rochefort 10. ‘Satisfying and delicious...) Stuart, Stuart and Diane’s favourite.

             And so an interesting, unusual and hugely enjoyable evening drew to a close. Diane presented me with a birthday
             cake (for which I won’t provide you with a taste profile...) and we all cleared up the collection of glasses and
             bottles. (Of course, I kept the bottles to soak off and keep their labels...)

             We  tried  mixing  the  2004  and  2017  as  an  experiment,  but  the  flavours  just  seemed  to  be  neutralised.  The
             richness of one and the freshness of the other cancelled each other out.

             In summary, we found a number of intriguing discoveries:

             The beer quality overall seemed to peak in the beer that were seven to eight years old, but all of them were
             perfectly drinkable, indeed highly enjoyable, and had their own merits and characteristics.

             A  pattern  developed  that  if  a  beer  was  a  good  one,  then  adding  the  yeast  emphasised  the  interesting
             complexities of the beer. Generally the older beers, but not all of them, benefitted in this way. ‘To yeast or not to
             yeast’, was Lynda’s quote. Or more accurately, ‘to kraüsen or not to kraüsen.’

             This write-up will hopefully provide hints as to what to look for in this wonderful beer. It’s not a case of telling
             you what you should or should not get from a beer; what a person gets out of a beer in terms of tastes, flavours,
             aromas, or whatever is really pretty subjective. Just so long as you enjoy it, and remember that you enjoyed it.
             That’s the main idea.

             Huge thanks to Diane, Stuart and Lynda for giving their help, expertise and experience in undertaking this (not
             very) arduous project. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

             Finally, I think this tasting session proves what a tremendous beer Rochefort 10 really is. A true classic amongst
             world beers, and one with proven longevity in terms of the beer and brewery, and the actual product itself. Truly
             a beer to be savoured enjoyed and respected, no matter what its age. So ‘cheers’ to the monks and brewers at
             Abbaye Saint-Remy!

             Stuart Simpson
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