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             Some additional notes on the evolution of the Rochefort 10 beer bottle label.

             These notes are in chronological order (...obviously), with an initial thorough description followed by notes of any
             subsequent changes to this original version.

             2004: The label is rectangular, with a background colour of yellowish cream. All letters and numerals are in a very
             dark brown (almost black) type, of various fonts. Each label bears the iconic ‘olde English’ style title of ‘Trappistes
             Rochefort’, with the definitive white number 10 on a blue circle, with a thin white and then a thinner blue border.
             Also present on the label are:

             A product identifying barcode reading ‘5 412858 000 104’.

             ‘Authentic Trappist Product’ in a hexagonal logo.

             The words ‘Biere’ and ‘Bier’.

             A depiction of a typical basic Rochefort goblet, with ’12˚ à 14˚’, the recommended serving temperature.

             A deposit charge ‘Consigne 3.5 BEF’ in Belgian Francs.

             A recycling emblem.

             Ingredients in French, translates as ‘water, malted barley, non malted cereals, hop, yeasts, sugars’.

             The address of the Abbaye Saint-Remy.

             A date in basic type print five years after bottling.

             The ‘official’ beer volume of ‘e 33cl.’

             2005: Printed on the actual glass, beneath the stuck on label, is the ‘Trappistes Rochefort’ script, clear on a solid
             dark  cream  background,  and  in  cream  lettering,  is  the  address  of  the  monastery,  and  the  wording  ‘biere  de
             catégorie S, (whatever that means...), and the ‘e 33cl’ mark.

             On  the  label,  the  words  ‘Best  before’  appear  in  both  French  and  Dutch,  and  the  ingredients  have  become
             bilingual, too.

             ‘Consigne’ is joined by the Dutch ‘Statiegeld’, and remains at 3.5 BEF.

             2006: The label is the same, but the print on the glass has changed to include the wording ‘brassée et soutirée à
             l’Abbaye de Rochefort par les Péres Trappistes’.

             2007: Bottle print and the label are the same as 2006.

             2008: The label is the same, but the bottle printing has gone.

             2009: Same label style, but the consigne statiegeld has now modernised to ‘0,10 EUR’.
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