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2010: Same label style, but the ‘best before’ date has moved from the right to the left side of the label, is printed
             in a ‘dot-matrix’ style, and includes a time, presumably the exact bottling time, e.g. ’18 05 10, 08:51’.

             2011: No change.

             2012: No change.

             2014:  Lots  of  changes,  but  could  they  have  at  least  partially  occurred  in  2013?  The  ingredients,  best  before,
             deposit etc. Are now in five languages, e.g. Biere, Bier, Birra, Beer, and Cerveza. The traditional goblet emblem
             has changed to the more elaborate depiction of the modern Rochefort chalice. There is the classic ‘don’t drink
             while pregnant’ symbol of the silhouette of a pregnant woman drinking from a glass, struck out with a diagonal
             line. (Of course, it could be a fat bloke with a ponytail. Or a warning for women about the possible side effects of
             getting too sociable...)

             2016:  Dated  7/7,  the  pregnant  woman  is  at  the  top  of  the  label,  and  the  chalice  is  at  the  bottom.
             Dated 15/9, the glass logo has moved to the top right of the label, with the woman at the bottom right, and the
             suggested serving temperature information has gone.

             2017: Same as the 15/9 version from 2016.

             2018: The previously cluttered label has been simplified with all the multilingual information on a separate label
             on the back of the bottle, and the languages used now includes German. The best before date is also on the rear,
             printed white on a brown background. The date and time is of the format ’20.05.2018 10:10:55’, presumably
             timed to the nearest second! The label also says ‘Made in Belgium’, and shows a Belgian flag.
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