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Rochefort 10 Tasting Notes

              Head: descriptions at 10mins post pour.
              Only 3 with print on the bottle – 2005/6/7.

              Yeast = yeast added back.

              Older ones tended to benefit from the yeast.
              Pattern developed that if the beer was a good one, then adding the yeast added so
              much more.

              “Older ones (but not all) yeast emphasises the interesting complexities”.

              Head doesn’t necessarily equate to condition.

              “Most impressed how consistent the beers appear to be”.
              (Methodical brewing process, little changed over the years).

              Dates: Expiry date therefore each bottled 5 years before.

       1.     15/09/2004
              Very little fizz.

              Very pancaked sediment.
              Very thin head which disappeared quickly.

              Looks oily.
              Smell: Port wine / Sherry / strong thicker wine.

              On the mouth: a little fizz, then disappears.
              Taste: Black toffee, spice, sherry, port,

              “Good sherry, but over the hill for a beer.”
              Yeast: added a lot, chocolate richer flavours.

       2.     07/09/2005
              Little fizz.

              Head: Gone.
              Not as winey, more oily.

              Swirl released aroma.
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