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Sweeter, not as drying.
              Mouth: Tiny bit of prickly fizz – more mouth feel.
              Taste – not as satisfying as 2004.

              Yeast: Changed but not as much of an improvement.

       3.     23/05/2006
              Little bit of fizz.

              Little/no head – head thin.
              1  impression from Lynda – “Died and gone to heaven”
              “Ripples of flavour”
              Clean sweetness.
              Not as bitter or as dry in the mouth.

              Yeast: - yeast had a taste of bitterness & cloves which wasn’t evident in the poured beer,

              when added back added a bitterness, beer was better without the yeast, detracted from
              the fruit.

       4.     04/09/2007

              Fizzy, producing a head in the bottle.
              Stable sediment.

              Head: Hole in the middle.
              Woody, bit thinner.

              Didn’t have the luscious sweetness.
              Quite a bit of astringency.
              Least favourite up to now.

              More alcoholic.
              Yeast: adds bitterness.

       5.     26/08/2008

              Fairly lively in the bottle.
              Head: very small hole.

              Smells more like the 2004.
              Taste: Finish and end are nice, middle not so clever.
              Cloves. Lively mouth feel.
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